Transform multimedia in the Oracle database and Oracle APEX

Do you need to process or convert media, such as:

  • resize images
  • crop images
  • add watermarks to images
  • compress images 
  • change image formats (jpg, png, ...)
  • and more...

before or after you store the media in the database, your file system, or the cloud?

APEX Media Extension can help! It provides a REST API,  PL/SQL API, and an APEX Plug-in which can transform your media on the client or on the server side.

Using Oracle Intermedia or Oracle Multimedia?

Oracle Multimedia alternative

Starting in Oracle Database 18c, Oracle Multimedia is deprecated. Oracle Multimedia will be desupported in Oracle Database 19c.

In the Oracle documentation, Oracle recommends that you store multimedia content in SecureFiles LOBs, and use open source or third-party products for image processing and conversion. 

APEX Media Extension is a seamless alternative to Oracle Multimedia.


Use the cloud or on-premises version

Copy one executable to your server for on-premises. Cloud users can skip this step.

Compile the PL/SQL API

Run one sql file which will generate a PL/SQL package in your schema.

Import the APEX Plug-in

If using Oracle Application Express (APEX), import the APEX Plug-in into your APEX app.

About us


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